Karoline Kaaber is born in Oslo, Norway

She is a self-taught artist, although since 2000 she underwent training with several renown figurative artists such as Natalie Holland, Per Lundgren and Carlos Madrid.

The main focus of her work is human figure. She prefers to use rough brushwork as a mean to create a variety in mood and expression. The story of her subjects is taught through the depiction of their feelings.

During the period of 8 years she has participated in group exhibitions with Gulden Kunstverk, Soli Brug, Townley Galleri (US), Galleri Nicoline hus, Mana Contemporary (US), Galleri Ramfjord and solo exhibitions with Galleri Ramfjord, Bærum Kunstforening, Galleri Nicoline hus, Galleri Osebro, Galleri Rød Jeløy, Galleri Soon, Galleri Oxholm (DK) and participated in different art fairs; Scope New York, Scope Art Basel, Miami Scope, Affordable Art Fair Stockholm and in 2016, the artist residency at Mana Contemporary, New Jersey, US.

Currently she is represented by Galleri Ramfjord, Galleri Nicoline hus, Galleri Osebro and Gulden Kunstverk.

Karoline lives and works in Oslo, Norway

Her work is sold to the collectors all over the world.

2019 Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo, Noreay
2016 Mana Contemporary, ESKFF, NJ, USA

Solo Exhibitions
2019, nov, Galleri Ramfjord
2018, okt, Galleri Ramfjord
2018, feb Bærum Kunstforening
2017, jun Galleri Nicolines hus
2017, feb Galleri Osebro
2016, oct Galleri Røed Jeløy
2016, aug Galleri Ramfjord
2016, april Galleri Soon
2015, sept Galleri Ramfjord
2015, jun Galleri Nicolines hus
2015, jan Galleri Oxholm, Copenhagen
2014, may Galleri Ramfjord
2013, oct Galleri Ramfjord

2019, mar SCOPE NY
2018, jun SCOPE Basel
2016, jun Affordable Artfair Stockholm
2015, sept Art Copenhagen, art fair
2014, sept Art Copenhagen, art fair
2013, dec Miami Scope Art Fair

Selected Group exhibitions
2019, mar Gulden Kunstverk
2017, Soli Brug
2016, oct Townley Gallery, LA
2015, aug Galleri Nicolines hus,
2015, jan Mana Contemporary, USA
2014, dec Galleri Ramfjord
2014, sept Kunst rett vest
2014, apr Oslo Open
2013, dec Galleri Ramfjord
2013, aug Galleri Ramfjord
2013 Galleri Gamle Fornebu Kultursenter
2013 Galleri Barthebakken
2012 Galleri Skagerak
2012 Galleri Gamle Fornebu Kultursenter
2012 Galleri Matteo


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